Elaine Zhu Bärnsten
Conference Interpreter

UN Certified Conference Interpreter, Verbatim Reporter and Editor


NPC/CCPCC Pressconference




President Jiang Zemin




Israeli PM Rabin w. wife Lea




Languages: Chinese and English

With more than 25 years of experience as interpreter in the Foreign Ministry of P.R. China, the United Nations and as a Freelance I can provide professional interpretation and also organize a team of highly qualified interpreters, editors or translators upon request.




During my period as a freelance interpreter I have worked with some high profile events like the launching of two new models of Lexus in China, Bombardiers introduction of maintenance of aircrafts on regional airlines etc. During this period I have broadened my experience and knowledge to fields within technology and science as a complement to my previous experience within the Foreign Ministry of P.R.C. and United Nations of Geneva. I have been working in China but also several times for UN organizations in Geneva, Bangkok, Vienna and most recently The Hague. Here are some of the main conferences I have worked for: Interpretation for APEC, CCTV, Intel, Bombardier, Nokia, ILO, BOAO Forum, CLSA, Lexus, UNESCAP Bangkok, UN Vienna and OPCW in the Hague. I have also done translation for several international corporations including an MBA degree essay.




Interpretation Service of the United Nations in Geneva where I served meetings at UNCTAD, CD, HR, UNHCR, UNFCCC, ILO, UNCC, UNEP, ESCAP, HABITAT, ICC, UNCD, UNGA etc. held in Geneva, Copenhagen, Berlin, Cairo, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Istanbul, Bonn, Rome, Kyoto, Recife, Lyon, Bangkok, the Hague and New York.




Department of Interpretation and Translation of the Foreign Ministry of P.R. China. I was assigned personal interpreter to heads of states, governments and other senior officials. In the mean time I worked as translator, reviser and chief conference interpreter for international meetings on various subjects held in China and abroad. I also held temporary contracts as interpreter and verbatim reporter for IAEA, ILO, WMO, UNOG and UNGA.



Elaine Zhu Bärnsten
Contrada Caldara SNC
IT-89036 Brancaleone

Phone: +39 345 6154224
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