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Collection of recipes

Here are some recipes of typical Swedish dishes.
This is the food we miss when we are here in China
and we always try to eat most of them when we are in Sweden.
All recipes are in English.

From the book
Published by ICA bokförlag
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Crayfish and fermented Herring(history)

Swedish Hash
Cabbage Rolls
Veal in Dill Sauce
Fried Pork with Onion Sauce
Sailor's Beef
Fried Baltic Herring Fillets
Janson's Temtation
Summer Casserole
Vegetables in White Sauce
Hasselback Potatoe
Rarakor och Raggmunk
Mashed Turnips
Oven Pancace with Pork
Crisp Waffles
Rhubarb Crump Pie
Rice a la Malte
Make your own Glogg