Latest update: 2003-02-11

Here are some photos from our
7 weeks in Sweden, Switzerland
and Finland during summer 2002.

Switzerland and misc.

From our Hotelroom outside Geneva
with view over Lac Leman

Elaine before and after morningsession

Sweden, Bohuslšn and the summerhouse


Having fun with Elaine and KE

Having fun with Inger

Leaving for Gothenburg

Midsummer festival

Eating and dancing

In the Cherry-tree in the garden

Picking cherries and eating. Even Nuttan ate direct from the tree

From the summerhouse in Hunnebostrand
or rather Ellene

Eating dinner in the garden

Elaine and Nuttan having a nap

Cooking, flyhunting and hanging laundry


The Royal Castle of Sweden

Elaine outside and inside restaurants

Stockholm City Townhall, narrow alley in Old Town and Sergels Square

Our trip to Helsinki

Elaine on the ferry with an Icebreaker in the background

A firefighter taking care of his wife and Elaine

Elaine and Claes and Marilyn and some more

Elaine at the Sibelius Park in Helsinki

Elaine and Claes at the bathing place in Ulebergshamn