Here is the trip from Stockholm to Gotenburg in Gota Canal
in our boat BUMSI. Pictures taken September 2002.
It took us 13 days to do the trip and we passed through
64 waterlocks and endless bridges that had to be opened.

Read our diary from the trip

The evening before departure

Departure on a beautiful morning September 13:th 2002

The big lake Vanern in the middle of Sweden

Elaine at the dinnertable

Elaine did almost all steering. The best steerswoman in the world.

Elaine preparing a meal in the kitchen.

Elaine doing the first of the 64 waterlocks

A bridge that had to be opened

Water coming in and lifting us in a waterlock

Another bridge in our way that had to be opened

A narrow pass in the canal

Elaine in front of an odd railway bridge

Cockpit of BUMSI

Claes doing some steering when not navigating

Elaine with Lacko Castle in the background

The high waterlocks in Trollhattan

Claes having breakfast while steering

Elaine going to sleep in BUMSI

Elaine talking to her sister Hulan in China

We met a lot of cargoships in the last canal

Steeringplace, cabin and kitchen of BUMSI

Rowing competition in the harbour of Gothenburg

The following pictures are taken with my mobilephone

Anders who sold us the boat

The evening before departure

Monica our neighbour who took the pictures on our departure

Rickard is mounting the GPS

Ronny who lent us an extension cord for heating the boat

Ponape, the boat we followed in the first canal

In guest harbours during the trip

Elaine at the steeringwheel as usual

We are approaching Mariestad

The Diary