Picures from our trip
to Karlstad where we visited
Inger and Karl Erik July 2005

Coffee-stop at the aqueduct in Håverud on our way up to Karlstad

Shellfish buffet!!

We looked at old photos from Karl Erik's youth.

Margareta-cake on July 20th, Inger's namesday

We stayed at Karlstad Stadshotell

"The sunshine in Karlstad". The waitress who was the origin of this expression.

Gustav Fröding (famous Swedish author) to the left
and Claes (still an author to be) to the right.

An ugly statue commemorating the 50th anniversery of the
dissolving of the Union between Norway and Sweden in 1905.

Selma Lagerlöf and we.

After visiting these statues we ran out of scenic spots in Karlstad.
We visited the arena of the hockeyteam and some more things of course.

Coffee in Köpmannebro. The first waterlocks in Dalslands Canal.

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