The East Indiaman
Götheborg's departure
from Gothenburg to China 2005-10-02

Our visit to the shipyard 2001

Elaine sponsors a shipnail

100 000 spectators and a lot of pleasure boats came to the harbour of Gothenburg to send Götheborg away on her 1 year long journey to China. Elaine and I hope to meet her in Guangzhou in June 2006 when she enters the Pearl River.

Stena Line had a special departure to follow the ship

The embankments were filled with spectators

Airplanes and helicopters circled the sky

Finally she leaves in a porridge of pleasure boats

At Älvsborgs fortress you could only get a glimse of her masts in the armada

Probably one of the few spectators with family at the destination port of Guangzhou

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