Sicily June 2016

An oak forest on 1500 m altitude

A stop for coffee and Pizza slice

On our way down from the mountains on northern Sicily.
You can see the 2 volcano islands of Volcano and Lipari

Breakfast at the hotel in the ancient hill-top city of Erice day 2.
The hotel Il Carmine is an ancient monestary from 1423.

On this view from Erice you see Trapani

The city of Corleone

Corleone is a fictional Mafia family in Mario Puzos book
and Francis Ford Coppola's film trilogy "The Godfather".
The real family name was originally Andolini and they lived in Corleone.

The valley of temples at Agrigento

Our hotel on day 2

South east of Sicily

Arrive at the old town on the island Ortygia in Siracusa

A good exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci with a lot of models of his inventions.

Here Claes is building a bridge

Fontana di Artemide

Narrow streets and no traffic

The imposing cathedral of Siracusa was built around a Greek structure
the Temple of Athena (or Minerva) and its massive columns very evident.

Take an old temple, build a new front and voilą, you have a new church

Madame, MADAME, M A D A M E!!!. Not allowed to take photos here.
But Claes managed to take one picture.

No person on Sicily is without balcony.
ALL apartments on second floor or higher have a balcony
Like a good human rights or decent living assurance here

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