Glass manufacturing district of Sweden July 2007

After our journey to the Northcape we felt a little bit restless back home and booked a Hostel in Orrefors, packed our bags again and went for a two day trip to the Glass district of Sweden in Småland where Orrefors and Kosta-Boda have their factories. We also had time to visit Öland, the second largest island in Sweden and cross the long bridge over to the Island. We also managed to squeeze in an Elkpark. Here are our pictures.


Borgholms Castle ruin on Öland

Solliden, the Royal Summer Castle

Queen Victoria and Elaine

Typical windmill from Öland

Solliden was closed so we had to take our pictures from the outside

Borgholms harbour in sunset

Arrival at the Elk park

They also had some other animals

Movie where Elaine feeds an elk

We started our day at Orrefors..

but soon continued to Kosta

Movie from Glassblowing at Kosta