Photos from our trip to
Thailand and Guangzhou Feb 2005

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Pictures from our Thai-trip in May 2005

Our friend Zhao Guangxin who works at UNESCAP in Bangkok

Inside and outside our hotel Trang in Bangkok

On a Bus-boat on Chao Phraya River. The river has it's origin
in Tibet and is called Mekong River when it passes Laos.

When you are visiting Bangkok there are two "must see". One is Wat Pho with it's
lying Buddha (15x46m) and the other Wat Phra Kaeo with the Emerald Buddha.

The robes of The Emerald Buddha are changed
at the beginning of each season by the King.

Touristing in Thailand is walking - take off your shoes - Buddha - put on your shoes
- walking - take off your shoes - Buddha - put on your shoes - walking ------

We spent one day at the Chinese Consulate to renew Claes
visa to China. Here is Elaine outside the Chinese Embassy.

After 4 days in Bangkok we went to Jomtien, some kilometers south of Pattaya.

The tailor who made two suites for Claes

A lizard waiting for mosquitos at night

Taxi in Pattaya and Jomtien

We spent one day in Pattaya shopping

Elaine bought seafood on the way back

There were a lot of Russians at our hotel but
of course they wanted to stay at the White House Resort.

We visited a monkey training school in Jomtien.

Surrendering arms

A monkey diving for a coin

At the beach for photography only.

After 5 days we returned to Bangkok for our flight to Guangzhou and Elaines family.

Good planning and Claes misreading the departuretime
gave us more than 5 hours waiting at Bangkok airport.
Elaine was not happy and her service was cancelled.

In Guangzhou we celebrated Lantern Festival. It is the
15th day of the new year and marks the ending of festivities.

Eating a nice dinner with parts of Elaines family

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Pictures from our Thai-trip in May 2005